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Protection Case Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Clear

Marke: Mobilize Artikelnummer: MOB26375 EAN-Nummer: 8718256934872

Protection Case Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro Clear

Nedis Number: MOB-26375 Hersteller Artikelnummer: MOB-26375
EAN-Nummer: 8718256934872
The Mobilize Gelly Case is made of high quality TPU and falls under the category of soft cases. TPU, also known as Thermoplastic Polyurethanes, is a relatively soft material and therefore very flexible. It therefore fits well around your device. The Gelly cases are made of high quality and offer good abrasion resistance. Because the case has raised edges, the display of your device is well protected against possible scratches and stains. Your phone will never lie flat on its screen and therefore stays beautiful longer. This case is suitable for normal daily use and a good solution if you want to keep the design of your phone. Of course, important cut-outs have been thought of so that using this case will not get in your way.

Made of soft TPU
Raised edges for extra protection of the display
Useful cutouts for external functions

€ 15,79

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Gerätetyp Smartphone

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